Norwegian Buhunds at Vision Acres

Norwegian Buhunds are the dog of choice at Vision Acres. We have been raising this smart and lovable breed since 2004. Norwegian Buhunds are a very old breed of farm dog from Norway and were accepted as a registered AKC Breed in 2009. They fall into the category of Herding Dogs and have a great herding instinct.


Vision’s Dino of Trollheimen was the first AKC Champion as well as the top winning Norwegian Buhund of 2009 going on to be best of opposite sex - Norwegian Buhund at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2010 at Madison Square Garden NYC. He is continuing his show career in the United Kingdom and has won Best of Breed at the 2013 Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England. He is currently owned by Brenda & Randy Solomon (Artic Ridge Norwegians).


Norwegian Buhunds are a wonderful family dog. They love attention and have fun being included in family activities. Vision’s Darby of Trollheimen has been trained in herding and competes in Agility events.

Our beloved Buhunds are making many familys wonderful pets as well as working in various occupations such as a goat guardian.


Vision Acres current Stud is Cascilius Hugo Boss. Boss was imported from Norway in 2010 by Vision Acres. He is producing great pups and helping to maintain a genetic diversity in the America.


Cascilius Hugo Boss was imported from his home in Norway to the USA by Vision Acres in 2010.


He is a stunning example of a Norwegian Buhund.


We want to thank Borg Helgesen of Cascilius Kennel in Norway for all of her help and kindness.


Are you ready for a Buhund?

  • Only time will tell. Do you have the time to play? Buhunds do so take the time and play.
  • Do you feel fenced in? You should love the feeling of a safe place for your Buhund to run and play. And seeing is believing. Walk your fence line regularly. If a Buhund can get out for an adventure they will.
  • The high cost of energy. Buhunds are active and alert. A good source of food is essential but don't over do. An obese Buhund is an unhealthy Buhund.
  • Is there a Vet. in the house? Maybe not but one should be just a phone call away. Plan on regular trips to your local Veterinarian. You can't plan an emergency but you can plan ahead with your Veterinarian's phone number prominently posted.
  • Are you smarter than a Buhund? We won't attempt to answer that one. Essentialy Buhund training works as a partnership. If you are willing to take the time to work with your dog then your dog will be willing to do the same.